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Speed limit and pause mode

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Speed limit and pause mode

JDownloader provides two settings which are essentially doing the same: Limiting your max. download speed according to your preferred limit.
This is e.g. useful if you're part of a bigger network and want to leave some bandwidth for the other people in this network.

Whenever a speedlimit is active and downloads are running, you will see a red line in the speed graph in the top right corner:

Explanation of the two different speed limit settings:

1. Pause mode
In the top left corner you will find a "pause" symbol right next to the "play" symbol:

When downloads are running and you press this button, the following things will happen:
- A speed limit will be active (see speedlimit setting in point 2. later on)
- JDownloader will stop once all currently running downloads have been completed
- If wanted, you can now adjust the pause-mode speed in the top right corner by doing a right click inside the speed graph (alternatively also in the bottom right corner, if you've enabled quick settings before, more details see bottom of this support article)
Notes: The limit you set for pause mode and the limit you set when enabling/disabling a "normal" speed limit are two different values!
Pause mode can e.g. also be used as a trick for non-resumable downloads: Instead of stopping them which would result in having to start them from zero you can just let them continue to download with lower speed.
In myjdownloader, you will find this setting under Settings --> Advanced Settings --> GeneralSettings pause speed

2. Enable / Disable permanent speed limit
See this article.
Once enabled, the speed limit setting will become adjustable.
Difference to speed limit set by pause mode: JD will continue downloading with your max. set speed until all items are completed.

In the myjdownloader webinterface, you will find this setting under Settings --> Speed Limit

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