How can I uninstall JDownloader
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In order to be able to follow some of the instructions below, you may need to know in which directory your JDownloader is installed!
Click here to locate your JD install directory

Linux (.sh script)

When you've used our .sh installer script, there is an uninstaller script within your JDownloader directory.
In case you've installed JD manually, just delete the JDownloader folder

3rd Party flat/snap package

Just use the package manager you've used to install JDownloader to uninstall it.


The uninstall process depends on how you've installed JD on your Synology.

If you've used the community package, you can easily uninstall JDownloader via your package manager.

If you've installed it manually, simply delete the JD installation directory.


If you've installed JD manually, just delete the installation folder.

If you've installed it via installer, continue reading:
The JDownloader Installer creates a Uninstall Application that helps you to remove JDownloader from your System.

You can uninstall JDownloader by using the Uninstaller Application (Uninstall JDownloader.exe).

You can find it here:

  1. In you Startmenu
  2. In your System's Software Control Panel
  3. In the JDownloader Installation Directory

There might be temp files and config files left in your installation directory. Just delete them if you do not need them any more.

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