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What is the Event Scripter?

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The Event Scripter is a JDownloader Extension module which lets you actively modify the behavior of JD using Java Script code.
You need to install this extension it before it can be used.
You can also add custom buttons and extra functionality to enhance your JD experience.

The EventScripter Addon is a feature for advanced users! Coding experience / Java Script knowledge is required to be able to write your own EventScripter scripts!

Please keep in mind that there is a permission system in place which will ask you for confirmation when a script is attempting to do specific API actions - this is a security factor.
To make sure that your script will run without any issues, you might want to add it first and trigger it manually before e.g. allowing JD to execute it frequently because if permissions are missing, JD will e.g. ask for your permission when you are away and the script won't get executed:

Popular examples include auto-updating your JD every X hours whenever it is not used (especially useful for Headless JD setups) or also adding custom buttons to the JD user interface.
The Event Scripter can also be used to use the popular webservice IFTTT with JDownloader.
We will link the most useful scripts in the help-article category you're currently in.

Headless / myjdownloader
In headless mode you can add/modify EventScripter scripts via Settings -> Advanced Settings -> EventScripter: Scripts
You can find an example of the used syntax HERE (scroll down).

Need help?

We have an Event Scripter thread in our support forum where you will find most of all user created Event Scripter scripts.
There also exists a user-created (possibly outdated) Index for all Event Scripter related forum posts.
Additionally you will find a hand full of very popular scripts directly linked in our knowledgebase.
If you're looking for a script which you think no user has ever been created before or if you created a useful script, use the above linked thread to share yours/ask for help.
Huge thanks to our forum user mgpai who has been making useful Event Scripter scripts for years!

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